Our Stone Sculpture

Sculpture is described as a reductive process. Stone is considered a stable medium that can be worked in any direction. Stone is a material with specific constraints and possibilities. Stone sculpture is an attempt to carve with consideration to size, space, texture, weight and subject matter and if possible knowledge of background and display location.

With our stone sculpture we investigate and push the boundaries of natural properties of the stone. We work rare & valuable rocks & minerals. We experiment with the outer skin or rind colors of the stone versus the internal colors & veining. The natural shape of the stone helps inform us of its subject matter. Man made tool marks from mining indicate man versus nature. We often leave parts of our sculpture unpolished in a natural state to better display “inside” the sculpture versus what is “outside”. We consider what we are doing, to be “redacted modern stone sculpture.” Our audience is always shocked at the natural beauty we release from inside stone.

We are currently working rare Siberian Russian jade, Wyoming Jade, Canadian jade and Arizona petrified Wood. As well as turquoise chunks and nuggets combined with found items. All of our work is made via hand grinding, carving and polishing using modern tools.

You are invited to view our “Sculpture Gallery” for photos and info of all currently available pieces.

For more info on the artists visit our web page “About the Artists”.

For more information on the rare materials we use visit our web page “Raw Materials”.

To contact us go to our web page “Contact Us” or send an email to info@modernstonesculpture.com

To buy fine mineral specimens, crystals, petrified wood, rocks, geodes, fossils and meteorites please visit our other website: https://georarities.com/

the greatest artist does not have any concept which a single piece of marble does not itself contain within its excess, though only a hand that obeys the intellect can discover it
– Michelangelo Buonarroti, I Sonetti Di Michelangelo